The concept behind the T2 store in Bondi, designed by Sandbox, was for it to be as beautiful as it was environmentally conscious. Sandbox were invited to design a store that would shift perceptions and challenge sustainable design, and have successfully received a 5 Star Green Star review in the process. The store showcases natural, Australian made and recycled materials and finishes, living plants for improved air circulation and environmentally-led elements that help customers, such as a tea refilling station.



“It’s exciting and encouraging to see sustainable design practices and products being celebrated through this store design, and it is my hope that projects like this one are used to standardise the process for future builds, and to make it easier for more businesses and brands to achieve Green Star Ratings” Sandbox Group Creative Director Luke Cannon.



Q: How did the project respond to the client's brief?

A: Anchored by T2’s vision to align the store with the brand vision of “Cheers to a greener future”, the brief emphasised a concept that would reduce the store’s footprint and reduce the wastage often created in the shopfitting and operating process. The sustainability-driven thinking behind the brief was only reinforced by the bushfires that tore across Australia at the beginning of 2020. Through the creative exploration and research process we recognised new customer behaviour drivers in and around sustainability and it was critical that the store concept would reflect and support this, as well as to build strong emotional connections and memorable experiences for the T2 brand. Part of our response was to incorporate new features and zones including a ‘Package Free Tea’ area offering customers the chance to bring in a reusable tin to refill at the brand’s refill station, as well as a new ‘Brew Bar’ area for product promotions and story telling opportunities. We have so much to be proud of in Australia, and to be at the forefront of sustainable retail design in this country is something we support 100%.



Karen Horvenga, Green Building Council of Australia, commended the team for achieving a comfortable and sustainable space for both staff and customers. “With a particular focus on material selections and sustainability in operation, the store is a great example of a 5 Star Green Star rated retail fitout.” This selection includes tiles from our Bottega range which are Green Certified, meaning that compared to business as usual products, these tiles:

  • are 100% free of VOC's and toxic chemicals
  • have 69% less impacts on global biodiversity
  • use 59% less raw material, water and energy to produce
  • contribute 57% less Green House Gas emissions
  • are considered 55% more socially responsible



Head of Store Design at T2 Kate Iles says the Green Star Design Review reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainability through the retail environment. “The project comes out of our desire to live and breathe our sustainability message, and that goes to supporting local business and ethical practices” Iles says.



Products used:

Floor tiles:

Bottega Topo 596x596mm

Bottega Antracita 596x596mm

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