What is the Modern Slavery Declaration (MSD)?

The GGTI MSD is a pioneering initiative targeting the eradication of Modern Slavery practices within global supply chains. It establishes a transparent reporting mechanism at the product level, allowing companies to showcase their dedication to ethically responsible practices.

Ethical Business

Earp Bros proudly announces its accreditation with the Global GreenTag International Modern Slavery Transparency Declaration™ (GGTI MSD™) for our Porcelanosa Floor Tiles Range and Porcelanosa Wall Tiles Range. This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to transparency, ethical sourcing, and responsible business practices.

Our decision to undergo the GGTI MSD assessment stems from a deep commitment to addressing ethical challenges in global supply chains. We recognize the importance of providing buyers, particularly professional procurement teams, with comprehensive information to make informed and ethical choices.

Transparency has always been integral to Earp Bros' values and priorities, ensuring that our customers, manufacturing partners, and team members can have confidence in our ethical approach to business.

The GGTI MSD accreditation for our Porcelanosa Tile Ranges signifies a proactive response to the evolving legislative landscape concerning Modern Slavery. As regulations change, Earp Bros is dedicated to staying ahead, improving reporting standards, enforcing obligations, and addressing compatibility issues in Modern Slavery Statements.

Beyond regulatory compliance, our commitment to the GGTI MSD is a proactive step towards eradicating Modern Slavery practices. This accreditation empowers us to conduct comprehensive risk assessments, verification processes, and ranking on all aspects related to Modern Slavery. It aligns with our broader mission of fostering transparency and minimising unethical practices in our supply chains.

Our Commitment

Earp Bros invites other companies to join us in this crucial journey towards transparency, ethical sourcing, and the eradication of Modern Slavery. Together, we can contribute to a future where ethical business practices prevail, creating positive impacts on a global scale.