Sustainable Slip Resistance

Slip Resistance in Australia

The Australian Building Codes Board identifies falls as a significant health and safety risk, especially due to inadequate slip resistance. Our industry professionals often face injury claims related to non-compliant product selection. Despite specifying over 35 million square metres of tiles annually, a small percentage of our industry considers safety governance around the performance of slip resistance for the project's lifecycle. New floor finishes experience a 10% to 50% reduction within three months, posing a high-risk scenario before foot traffic. Addressing this gap requires heightened awareness and informed specification for improved safety standards.

What is Sustainable Slip Resistance?

Sustainable slip resistance involves materials that maintain their slip resistance values over an extended period, surpassing industry standards. This is evaluated through accelerated wear testing reports, which measure the gradual reduction in slip resistance over time. The essence of sustainable slip resistance lies in choosing materials that not only meet initial industry standards but also ensuring prolonged safety and performance in diverse environments.

For over 25 years, Earp Bros have been dedicated to developing hard surface products that excel in aesthetics, durability, and ease of maintenance. Our primary focus is on providing high-performance flooring solutions with sustainable slip resistance for commercial and residential applications.

Collaborative Efforts for Safety

Collaborating with Safe Environments Australia, Earp Bros played a pivotal role in developing the accelerated wear test method. This method helps identify the effects of wear over time on slip-resistant products, contributing to the education of the Australian architecture, design, and development industry. Earp Bros are certified by the Australian Institute of Architects to deliver Refuel CPD presentations, further emphasising our commitment to knowledge-sharing and industry education.