Living Future Institute & the Living Building Challenge™

The International Living Future Institute operates on the fundamental belief that offering an inspiring vision for the future is essential for harmonising humanity's connection with the natural world. At the core of this vision is the Living Building Challenge, recognised as the world's most rigorous and proven performance standard for buildings.

Drawing from a regenerative design framework, individuals worldwide leverage this framework to craft spaces that, much like a flourishing flower, contribute more than they consume. Living Buildings embody key principles:

  1. Regenerative Design: They serve as regenerative structures that seamlessly connect occupants to light, air, food, nature, and community.
  2. Self-Sufficiency: Living Buildings operate as self-sufficient entities, remaining within the resource limits of their respective sites.
  3. Positive Impact: These structures actively create a positive impact on both human and natural systems that interact with them.

Earp Bros & the Living Building Challenge™

At Earp Bros, our commitment to sustainability is reflected through the Living Building Challenge™ framework. We create Living Products with the following attributes:

Healthy and Toxin-Free

Our flooring materials prioritise health, ensuring they are free of harmful toxins.

Socially Responsible

We respect workers' rights and ensure that our manufacturing processes contribute positively to society.

Net Positive Impact

Earp Bros flooring is designed to benefit both people and the environment, surpassing industry standards.

Declare Label

Our commitment to sustainability is exemplified through our recent achievement: Declare product label certification, specifically earning Red List Free status for Porcelanosa Group Wall & Floor Tiles.

What the Declare Label Means for Your Flooring:

  • Declare is a voluntary self-disclosure program promoting ingredient transparency in the flooring industry.
  • The Declare Label provides a clear overview of harmful ingredients known as the Red List.
  • Earp Bros flooring is completely Red List Free, making it an ideal choice for projects pursuing the rigorous Living Building Challenge.

Benefits of Declare Label Certification for Your Flooring:

  • Project teams aiming for the Living Building Challenge can confidently choose Red List Free materials from Earp Bros' range of Porcelanosa Group tiles.
  • The Declare Label is an approved compliance pathway for LEED v4 certification, using the Building Product Disclosure & Optimization Credit.

"What if every single act of design and construction made the world a better place?"

Living Future Institute, 2023.