As a global leader in ceramic tile and hard surface manufacture, Porcelanosa Group pride themselves on a philosophy of sustainable development and continual innovation. At their manufacturing facilities in Spain they have implemented significant initiatives aimed at reducing their overall footprint on the environment:


Fitting timers, motion sensors and energy saving lighting within all facilities.


Introduction of variable frequency drives within motors of dust filters.


All production waste reprocessed and reintroduced in the same production process. An average of 6% of the tiles produced come from recycled materials.


Pioneered the introduction of co generation energy systems to tile manufacturing. Today, almost one third of all energy consumed is generated inside the factory itself.


Adaptation to the MDR system has enabled a significant reduction in the consumption of gas, using heat exchangers to take advantage of preheated hot air and incorporating more efficient burners to reduce energy consumption and atmospheric emissions.


Introduction of new automatic laser-guided storage systems and improvements to its transport system to the logistics centre, which has been replaced with a more eco friendly automated underground system.


10 on-site water reticulation and treatment plants recover and revitalise water from the production system for the reuse in the manufacturing cycle.


Incorporation of innovative dust extraction systems, aimed at ensuring air quality and recovering solid particles that can be used to prepare clays.