Sustainable Slip Resistant Tiles

For over 25 years we have been working to continually develop hard surface products that not only look beautiful, stand the test of time and are easy to clean, but offer the highest performance possible - in particular, sustainable slip resistance flooring for commercial applications.

Working with Safe Environments Australia to develop the accelerated wear test method to identify the effects of wear over time on slip resistant products, we have become educators to the Australian architecture, design and development industry, and are certified by the Australian Institute of Architects to deliver Refuel CPD presentations.

Register for our Sustainable Slip Resistant Tiles presentation and earn 2 formal CPD points.


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Developed to ensure you, as specifiers, understand current best practise, your responsibilities and relevant laws and regulations to make informed decisions when specifying commercial flooring:

  • Why is slip resistance important?
  • Code Compliance & Legislation
  • Australian Standards & Handbook 198
  • Required friction and relevant risk
  • Wet Pendulum Testing
  • Dry Barefoot Ramp Testing
  • Wet Barefoot Ramp Testing
  • Oil Wet Ramp Testing
  • Accelerated Wear Testing & Sustainable Slip Resistance
  • The Continuous Improvement Cycle
  • Industry Best Practise
  • The effect of sealers
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Programs
  • Secondary Surface Treatments
  • Cost vs Benefit Analysis