Managing Directors

A shared passion.

Over the last 30 years, Managing Directors Richard & Michael Earp immersed themselves in studying sustainable materials and building practices, steering the company to become Australia's first Green Certified Tile provider. Collaborating with Carl Strautins, they introduced the Accelerated Wear Testing method, revolutionising the examination of material lifecycle standards in the industry.

Today, Earp Bros reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of brothers Richard and Michael Earp, who jointly transformed it into an innovative hard surface provider with a strong focus on sustainability and conscious business. The unique ethos of Earp Bros is more than a business strategy; it's a reflection of the brothers' shared spirit and passion for quality, lasting materials. Beyond tiles, the Earp brothers share interests in the outdoors, semi-extreme sports, and distilling. The latter of which led to the establishment of Earp Distilling Co., a testament to their dedication to the craft of gin and spirits.

With a heritage dating back to 1883 across six generations and various industries, Richard & Michael take pride in their enduring legacy. Throughout it all, they've maintained their ethos of sustainability, ethical business and care for the future of Australia.

The next generation.

Josh Earp, Operations Director

Son of Michael, Josh was instrumental in the establishment of Earp marketing. He now serves as Operations Director, underscoring his enduring passion for the continued growth of the sustainable building material business.

Alex Earp, Commercial Account Manager

Daughter of Richard, Alex began at Earp Bros during school holidays in Sampling. Now, as a Commercial Account Manager, she embodies both a passion for the ceramics industry and champions the family's commitment to sustainable materials.