Covering 4,500m2, the recently completed Pettigrew Family Funerals project used sophisticated yet timeless materials with the results speaking for themselves. To find out more about this project, we interviewed Peter Shaddock of Shaddock Architecture in Newcastle to discuss the brief, design process and product selections which went into this iconic project.


Q: What was your brief for this project? 

A: The brief was to provide a funeral home consisting of - admin, mortuary, crematorium, chapels, function centre, car parking, landscaping and other ancillary works.

Q: What is your design approach and philosophy?

A: This is a very large development in terms of size, operations and capacity. The design needed to create a warm and inviting space while utilising industrial construction techniques. Balancing these two opposing forces was the driving force of the design.

Q: What does your design process look like and how does it evolve throughout a project?

A: Collaboration between client and architect was critical to the success of the project. The funeral home has many functional and aesthetic requirements that had to be accommodated and addressed. The process began at a largest scale (overall site layout) and finished at the smallest (tile details)!

Q: What were your sources of inspiration when designing this project?

A: Externally, the challenge was ensuring the large buildings sit comfortably within the industrial context. Internally, the art deco inspirations are clearly evident throughout. The overall development aimed to be functional, soft, with surprising flourishes of flair.

Q: How did you decide on the surface materials used in this project? Can you give us a run down of your selections and your thought process behind it?

A: The surface materials were selected through a vigorous collaboration between architect, client and Earp Bros. The concept design was sketched and then products were selected or customised to achieve the desired aesthetic. This resulted in a beautiful combination of bespoke tiles, 'off the shelf' products, and custom detailing.

Q: What is your impression of the surface materials now they are installed and part of the finished design?

A: The selection and installation of surface materials is critical when using industrial style construction methods. The surface materials provide a softness, refinement and human scale to the finished product.

Q: What was it like to work with Earp Bros on this project?

A: It was an absolute pleasure, only through collaboration with Earp Bros was the overall vision able to be realised. The ability to customise products and refine detailing was integral to the success of the project.

Q: What is your favourite part of this design?

A: There are many complexities to a development of this nature and scale. The design successfully integrates the operational requirements of the funeral home, seamlessly addresses the needs of the users and visitors, and provides a striking aesthetic. This integration is our favourite part and biggest achievement. It is a credit to all involved.


Products used:

Reception Desk
Custom Marble Mosaic 180x180mm 

Elements Lux Silver Grey Slip Resistant 600x1200mm 

Ceppo Stone Slip Resistant 800x800mm

Function Centre
Bottega Spiga Antracita 450x1200mm
Ondas Concave White Matt 110x1000mm

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