Ceppo, nature's terrazzo.

With terrazzo still playing a dominant role in contemporary hospitality and residential projects, other traditional stones and natural aggregate materials are garnering greater interest internationally and are seemingly poised as the next big material in Australian design. The most prominent of these materials would have to be Ceppo di Gré.

Found in the quarries of Lake Iseo in Lombardy, Italy, Ceppo di Gré is a timeless natural stone that is truly nature's terrazzo -  with beautiful fragmented pebble and an irregular aggregate structure.

Porcelanosa have captured the very beauty and essence of Ceppo di Gré and transformed it to become one of the world's most truthful interpretations of natural Ceppo di Gré. Aptly named Ceppo, this technical porcelain collection features a segmented rock characteristic that is particularly beautiful and features the same large granite 'pebbles' that the natural stone is known for. The elegance and beauty of naturally occurring Ceppo di Gré has been captured and artfully retold through one of the worlds hardest and most durable materials. 

Whereas terrazzo is a handmade process contributing to its undeniable beauty and artisanal feel, Ceppo offers a similar look with all the properties of a porcelain tile including; extremely low water absorption rate resulting in a high level of stain, chemical and water resistance. 

Being a cementitious material, terrazzo has a subtle texture that is popular with minimalist designers, and a lovely feel underfoot although the handmade nature of the tile allows it to patina over time. Although some find this desirable, others enjoy the lifelong durability a technical porcelain tile offers.

Ceppo can be used for both interior and exterior applications and is ideal for claddings, floorings, bathrooms, feature tiles, splashbacks, high traffic areas, gardens or pools. Terrazzo is making a big resurgence both in the home and in commercial property. If you are looking to embrace this look for your next project but are wanting a more naturally occurring, unique feel then look no further than Ceppo.

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