Undertile Heating

Sometimes it's about living comfortably.

Electric under-tile heating provides more additional benefits than any other form of home heating. Used either as a primary heating source for whole house heating or as comfort heating to keep the chill off your cold floors, electric under-tile heating is the perfect heating system for cold nights, winter weather and southern climates.

The best thing is - it's completely invisible!


Under-tile heating warms the floor surface - where you require it. Combining correct control with the correct installation gives you a cost-effective heating system, with no more cold spots or chilly drafts.


Under-tile heating is easily installed in both new and existing homes. Installation is usually done just before tiling, causing minimum disruption to your construction schedule. No maintenance or annual checks, simply turn on and enjoy.

Safe & Guaranteed

With all features completely hidden, there's no threat to prying little fingers! Heating elements and controls are approved and certified to Australian and International Standards. Our under-tile heating elements are covered by a 10 year guarantee.

Under-tile & in-screed systems

Whether you are a contractor looking to install under-tile heating in a large development or a tiler looking to install underfloor heating in a single room, a complete installation can be achieved in hours without the need for specialist tools or skills.

Heating systems are available in 'under-tile' and 'in-screed' heating packages depending on your circumstance and preference. Simple and stylish touch-screen programmable thermostats offer precise control of air and floor temperature.

DIY Systems

Our under-tile heating systems are designed for quick, uncomplicated installation. Simple fitting processes are explained step-by-step in easy to follow instruction manuals.

In today's economic climate, more people are following the simple DIY path to luxurious warmth. Our affordable underfloor heating products will ensure you are 100% comfortable right through winter - just switch on and enjoy!