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It's imperative to use the correct grouts, sealers and cleaners to ensure the aesthetic and condition of your tiles are maintained over time. At Earp Bros, our expert sales team can work through your requirements to recommend the best grouts, sealers and cleaners for your tiles.


Protect your tiled surface from substrate movement and concrete cracking using an advanced crack isolation system, or keep the chill off your cold floors with electric under-tile heating.


The entire Earp Bros collection of porcelain and stone tiles can be seamlessly bullnosed and profiled to provide elegant, aesthetic and high-performing edges on stairs, pool coping and custom requirements.

Any Earp Bros tile and stone products (up to 650mm on the shortest side) can also be cut to your specification, with the ability to mitre even larger formats if required.

Our friendly sales team can work through your requirements to coordinate bullnosing or tile cutting to suit your project.