Beautiful design meets durable vinyl - highly water resistant, reduced thickness and ease of installation make LinkFloor perfect for a wide variety of applications.

LinkFloor is available in both natural wood looks and unique woven-textile designs for both floors and walls.

LinkFloor Contract Roll

LinkFloor Contract Roll is available in a thin roll format that reduces the time and costs of installation, while expanding the possibilities of installation surfaces. Linkfloor Contract Roll can be installed on walls, floors, columns, bedheads, and other surfaces with intricate installation requirements or curves.  

LinkFloor Oak

The LinkFloor Oak collection simulates natural oak hardwood floor panels with a high resistance to water, thin profile and ease of installation.


LinkFloor Contract

Simulating woven textiles, the unique braided vinyl of the Contract Collection is supported by rigid PVC boards with a patented Lock system joining the boards firmly into place without any visible joints. The perfect durable alternative to carpet, without having to fix planks to existing flooring.


LinkFloor Hotel Air

Inspired by natural brushed wood, LinkFloor Hotel Air is the evolution of vinyl flooring. Water resistant, durable and beautifully designed to simulate real timber.