At Earp Bros, we pride ourselves on partnering with suppliers that implement environmentally sustainable practices with an aim to radically reduce our carbon footprint. The interior design and architectural community is growing increasingly aware of the importance of environmental best practice and we intend to implement environmentally sustainable initiatives to facilitate this. The newest of these initiatives is our attainment of the Declare product label.

Through the Living Future Institute under their Declare Label system, Earp Bros are proud to announce that we have received Red List Free certification under the Declare Label system for Porcelanosa Group Wall & Floor Tiles.

So what does the Declare Label mean?

Declare is a voluntary self-disclosure program aiming to transform the building materials industry towards healthier and more ecological products through ingredient transparency.

The Declare Label provides a simple overview of harmful, polluting or toxic ingredients known as the Red List. Our tiles are completely Red List Free.

Project teams pursuing the Living Building Challenge can confidently select Red List Free materials from Earp Bros range of Porcelanosa Group tiles. The Living Building Challenge is widely regarded as the built environment’s most rigorous performance standard for buildings.

The Living Building Challenge is a green building certification program and design framework created to promote the ideal built environment - healthy, efficient and ecologically restorative.

The Declare Label has also been approved as a compliance pathway for LEED v4 certification, using the Building Product Disclosure & Optimization Credit (option 1).

Our Porcelanosa Floor & Wall Tiles can now also contribute to LEED certification.

Download our Declare Label Wall Tile Certificate


Download our Declare Label Floor Tile Certificate