Crack Isolation System


Protect your tiled surface from substrate movement and concrete cracking using an advanced crack isolation system designed to future proof your floor.

The ECB Crack Isolation system allows for massive substrate movement, providing up to 10mm crack isolation as the hard flooring surface remains permanently fixed to the reinforced stress-flex fibre sheeting. Developed as a unique three-in-one membrane sheet, the ECB system provides a solution for three of the most common issues associated with the installation of hard surface flooring products over large areas - substrate movement, waterproofing & acoustics.

Fracture free in the USA for over 30 years and suitable for both interior and exterior applications, thousands of square metres have been successfully installed to date throughout Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia with a lifetime fracture free warranty for all projects with total floor coverage. The most critical factors when choosing a waterproofing membrane is the anticipated concrete substrate, joint movement and the ability of the membrane to bridge cracks and joints in the slab. It must be able to accommodate movement whilst maintaining watertight protection without causing damage to the hard flooring surface.

The unique structural surface of the Crack Isolation System locks into the tile adhesive, isolating both substrate movement and thermal tile expansion - truly world-leading waterproofing and crack isolation technology.

Installation is extremely efficient and can be directly applied to concrete, cement, villaboard or marine plywood followed immediately by your hard flooring surface. With reduced installation times the Crack Isolation System not only saves time but reduces labor costs, expedites project completion and produces a perfect result for every project.