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Tiles are a great option for many areas of the home but making your next tiling project a success isn’t just about choosing the right tile in the right colour. The way tiles are laid can have a huge impact on the ambiance of a room and steering clear of the obvious tile laying patterns can create a visually impressive pay-off.

Since there are more ways to lay than one, below is a visual representation of some of the the ways you can lay your tiles in a pattern that can further enrich your space.


A distinctive v-shaped pattern. The tile is laid on a 45 degree angle to achieve the herringbone pattern which can add interest to any rectangle shaped tile.


Get the look: Piastrella Champagne


Get the look: Bianco Carrara, Nero Marqunia, White Thassos Chevron marble tile

Herringbone with Border (Multi Format)

Adding a border can add iimpact to any room and is useful in framing an area. Multiformat is the mixing of two types of different tiles in various shapes. A multiformat border can also be used to create a rug effect.


Get the look: Encaustic Cement Tile, London Castano


The checkerboard pattern is a classic look which has certainly stood the test of time. Bring some old world charm into your space by alternating contrasting tiles to get the look. Lay the tiles on a 45 degree angle to get the full effect.



Get the look: Park Black & Park Silver


Brickbond pattern takes its cue from how bricks are traditionally laid. This pattern is popular with subway tiles.


Get the look: Devon Super White

Multi Format

Multi Format uses tiles of different sized tiles to create a unique pattern.


Get the look: Devon Super White


Get the look: Nero Marquina polished marble. Use XLIGHT Savage for a similar look.

Stacked & Irregular Stacked (Right to Left)

The stacked pattern is the easiest pattern to master. Tiles are simply laid left to right. Irregular stacked is where the tiles are laid left to right but using varying tile lengths. The image below displays both stacked and irregular tiling patterns.


Get the look: Custom Cement Tile


Trusty old left to right.



Get the look: 29021 Cement Circles Grey

Book Matching

Book Matching is where the tile pattern has a mirror image or butterfly effect. This effect is particularly stunning when using marble and/or wide-format tiles as shown below.

Get the look: XLIGHT PREMIUM Kala

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