Tile Specification + Crack Isolation

There are many factors to consider when specifying tiles for your project. Variables such as sustainability, durability, traffic, performance, upkeep, design and lead time are just a few things you need to consider before selecting a product. Gaining a basic understanding of the material composition and characteristics of your desired tile can also help you determine the best application for it.

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Crack Isolation System

Crack Isolation
To protect your tiled surface from substrate movement and concrete cracking, we are proud to present a new advanced Crack Isolation Systemdesigned to future proof your floor.Our Crack Isolation System allows for massive substrate movement, providing up to 10mm crack isolation as the hard flooring surface remains permanently fixed to the reinforced stress-flex fibre sheeting. Developed as a unique three-in-one membrane sheet, our Crack Isolation Systemprovides a solution for 3 of the most common issues associated with the installation of hard surface flooring materials over large areas; crack isolation, waterproofing and acoustics.

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