This modern material pays homage to one of Italy's most prestigious stones.

With natural stone having a major moment in both the home and commercial property, world-renowned Spanish manufacturer Porcelanosa have crafted a high-performance porcelain tile that combines natural quality with a modern-day appeal.

Featured throughout Milan for over 2000 years Ceppo di Gré is a natural stone found in the quarries of Lake Iseo in Lombardy, Italy. This prestigious Italian stone has been used for numerous indoor and outdoor surfaces and has been the face of significant architectural designs around the world thanks to its remarkable adaptability. Its fragmented pebble-like characteristic is particularly beautiful and has been captured perfectly in the technical porcelain Ceppo Collection by Porcelanosa.

The Ceppo Collection is a realistic interpretation of the amazingly versatile Ceppo stone, featuring the same large granite 'pebbles' that the natural stone is known for. The elegance and beauty of naturally occurring Ceppo di Gré has been captured beautifully in technical porcelain which is known for its durable properties.

The collection features a fragmented rock design that is similar to aggregate terrazzo in look and feel, available in 3 colours in a matt and slip-resistant finish.

It can be used for both interior and exterior applications and is ideal for claddings, floorings, bathrooms, feature tiles, splashbacks, gardens or pools. Ceppo di Gré has been reinterpreted with beautiful accuracy in a porcelain tile that offers an extremely low water absorption rate resulting in a high level of stain, chemical and water resistance making it a desirable choice for your next project.

View the Ceppo Collection online and contact us today for a design consultation.

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