We believe in creating change, not just tiles.

There are no materials more durable and longer lasting than ceramic tiles when used as a surface covering. Tiles will last the lifetime of a building enduring millions of footsteps, dropped objects, dirt, sand, coffee, wine, the list is endless. There is no debating the many benefits tiles offer...

We just believe there is a better way to do it.

There are more sustainable, non-toxic alternatives to many industry accepted practices. We can reuse waste, recycle water and reclaim energy that we use when producing tiles. There are more efficient and less harmful technologies. That's why we work with suppliers who share our ideas and vision, who want to create change and do the right thing - no matter the cost or effort involved.

Porcelanosa Group prides themselves on a philosophy of sustainable development and continual innovation, sharing our vision for a healthier future. At their manufacturing facilities in Spain, Porcelanosa Group has made significant changes to their facilities and production methods to ensure massive reductions in their environmental footprint.

Fitting timers, motion sensors and energy saving lighting within all facilities to reduce energy consumption.


The introduction of variable frequency drives within motors of dust filters.


Reprocessing waste within the production process. An average of 6% of the tiles Porcelanosa manufacture come from recycled materials.


Porcelanosa Group developed and introduced of co-generation energy systems to tile manufacturing. Today one-third of all energy used in production is created onsite.


Integration of laser-guided and eco-friendly underground logistics systems, coupled with completely automatic storage systems.


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