Is Moov Australia's most adaptable tile?

For many of our clients, one size simply doesn't fit all. Whether you are creating a modular pattern, running the same tile from indoors to outdoors or installing in difficult spaces, finding the right tile can be a challenge.

With 5 colour options (Antracita, Beige, Grey, Ivory, Moka), Moov gives you a colour to style to any space. From a luxury resort on the Sunshine Coast to a residential renovation in Melbourne, Moov expresses elegance in design characterized by slight cement textures while still offering the understated materiality of a contemporary surface.

Moov is available in a matt finish for residential interiors and wall applications, while a high-performance slip-resistant finish offers a low-risk material for most residential outdoor and commercial flooring applications. Tested to 5000 wear cycles using the Accelerated Wear test method, Moov is shown to perform over time, not just when first installed.

To support modular pattern installations and seamless transition between areas, Moov is available in 6 different formats and is also available in a 20mm thickness for dry lay installation or for instant use on the K2 Grid raised access flooring system. 

Available formats: 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 200x1200mm, 1200x1200mm and 1200x2400mm.*
*Nominal sizes only (actual dimensions differ)

With the added benefits of stain resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance, water resistance, wear resistance and no ongoing maintenance, Moov is being used on a wide variety of both residential and commercial projects where design integrity, performance, and adaptability is paramount.

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