Introducing OMNI by Tom Fereday

BRAND: Earp Bros
DESIGNER: Tom Fereday

Please provide a brief summary of your project.

OMNI reinvents the traditional breeze block to offer an entirely new approach to building and interior design. By transforming the breeze block form to provide a faceted modular block, OMNI allows for a multitude of new and innovative applications to be designed and built. Offering both straight and 45-degree angles to be achieved simply by flipping the brick, OMNI was designed and proportioned to allow for an array of angular forms to be created including but not limited to L shaped walls, undulating surfaces, columns and even coffee, dining and bar tables.

The OMNI breeze block is a dry pressed cement block requiring no firing or high energy processing. OMNI is initially offered in white, grey and black and is available worldwide.  

What was the design brief and how did you interpret it?

In collaboration with Earp Bros, the brief we set ourselves was to reinvent the traditional breeze block for the modern-day environment. By considering and experimenting with the traditional form of the breeze block we were able to entirely re-imagine the product and its potential application.

How does your project demonstrate a progressive approach to architecture and/or design?

By addressing the potential for the possibility of new applications other than just straight feature walls the OMNI block entirely re-invents the category opening up opportunities for designers to interpret it’s use for both indoor and outdoor application. The registered design is both novel and practical allowing for greater flexibility within the built environment.

What aspects of this project make it a true stand-out in its category?

OMNI re-invents the traditional breeze block to offer entirely new applications to the previously limited market. The exciting opportunities of the design are presented to the interior and architecture market, encouraging designers to play and engage with the possibilities of the product to reimagine the built environment.

What is your design approach and philosophy?

I try to develop products based on the principle of honest design, conveying a design process which celebrates the materials and manufacturing processes behind furniture and products to design from the inside out. By using the materials and environment as a positive design constraint I try to guide intelligent and thoughtful design outcomes which connect with people through natural materials, tactile finishes and unique design.

What does your design process look like and how does it evolve throughout a project?

I always start a project assessing what potential problems a design can solve. This always runs in parallel to address the materials and manufacturing processes involved.

What are some of your main sources of inspiration? What other designers, influencers or creatives do you admire?

I am very inspired by the Australian designers I work with. For me, it is a very exciting moment in Australian design across both products and architecture/interiors.


What was it like to work with Earp Bros on this project?

Having already collaborated with Earp Bros on our solo exhibition PROCESS when the opportunity arose again to work together on a collaboration the decision was simple. We worked together at every level of the design to achieve a truly original result.

What is next for you? What will 2019 bring?

We are looking forward to launching a couple of new collections at this years Milan Salone. I can’t wait to share more of this work soon.


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