Introducing Linkfloor

If you are seeking a floor covering that is durable, high-quality and has a unique surface finish that emulates natural woods and woven textiles, look no further than Linkfloor.

Specifically designed with durability in mind this product is suitable for most residential applications and a number of commercial applications. It can be used to clad stairs and is suitable for use with radiant underfloor heating systems. The Contract series is available in roll form which is both lighter and more cost effective for wall applications.


The unique flooring system is easy to maintain, elastic and heat and sound insulating. It is also durable and easy to install with the implementation of the Union Lock System, which makes it simple to assemble and disassemble at any time.

Linkfloor is antibacterial as it is impossible for dust mites and bacteria to live within the product. Those who suffer from allergies or asthma will find this product appealing.

Whilst carpet needs to be vacuumed to be kept clean, Linkfloor can be cleaned with water and a mop. The Linkfloor series is resistant to liquid spills and stains including red wine that can so easily ruin carpet. Linkfloor has a total resistance to odours unlike carpet that can host bacteria, germs and dirt that are not so easily removed with vacuuming alone.


At the end of its life, Linkfloor can be reused or recycled as a source of energy due to its composition of 100% certified virgin vinyl making it a sustainable choice for your home or premises.

Linkfloor is a unique product with a host of benefits. For more information on this remarkable product email or contact a showroom near you.

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