Forged in fire

Conceived in fire, the Earp Bros Lavastone collection is truly remarkable and aesthetically like no other.

Created during volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago, Lava stone is a form of Basalt rock sourced from Hainan, the southernmost island in China. This natural volcanic rock is then quarried, cut into slabs, hand glazed, and fired at extreme heat of over 1100 degrees celsius. Whereas most stones would crumble, Lava stone can withstand the temperature and emerges intact with a superb glazed appearance. The result is a unique glassy surface texture and depth of colour that is impossible to replicate by any other method.

Amazingly, Lava stone can withstand extreme temperatures and maintain its structure. The technical properties of the stone including high durability, moisture resistance and thermal insulation to name a few are all maintained throughout the firing process.

The applied glaze paired with extreme heat creates an imperfect crackled-like surface finish; an artistic touch which gives the product an unrepeatable finish. The Lavastone collection features an incredible range of colours from burnt browns with Zanzibar to achromatic hues with Silver. You can also choose from many designs that will create a standout in any space with numerous decorative patterns available from Herringbone, Hexagon and Squares to more intricate almost retro designs with Chess, Cosmos and Link.

To preview the Lavastone range visit Earp Bros website or book a private consultation in one of our Showrooms near you.

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